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Tutorial - How to Download YouTube Playlist, Channel or User?

Free Download (for Mac)


Looking for a way to download entire YouTube channel, playlist or user's videos instead of downloading individual ones with much effort? Free YouTube Downloader for Mac can be most helpful in downloading YouTube playlist, channel and user with a single click of button. Now, just enjoy any kinds of video classifications of your interest like comedy, music, news, science fiction on your Mac.

Step 1. Paste Video URL from Websites

After you launch Free YouTube Downloader for Mac, copy the URL of the video page and then paste it in the box of "Paste Your Video URLs below". If you want to download multiple videos at one time, just paste their URLs one by one in the box.

Paste Video URL from Websites

Step 2. Choose Output Format and Playlist Start/End Number

Click "Options - Video", you will find various links of all video formats from the specific site listed in the dropdown menu of "Video Format", choose one as you need. Click "Playlist", choose the number from "Playlist Start" and "Playlist Stop" to decide which videos included in the playlist to download.

Choose Output Format and Playlist Start/End Number

Step 3. Start Download

When you are done, click "Download" to start video download. All the related details will be provided like title, extension, size, percent, ETA, speed and status for progress control.

To find other ways for downloading YouTube video to Mac, go to check our first tutorial: Ways to Download YouTube to Mac for Free. Moreover, there listed more advanced settings to fulfil your needs.

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